Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black Dog Syndrome

Black dogs get a tough break. Earlier this year, I wrote about how black dogs face tough odds for getting adopted from a shelter. I said then, and it is worth repeating: Dogs are colorblind, people should be too. It is such a problem that some people have called it "The Black Dog Syndrome."

A shelter in Wake County, NC, decided to get creative. They started a special promotion dispelling the myths about black cats and dogs. They offered a discount on the adoption fees too. But since black dogs kind of blend into the walls of a grey shelter, they put the black dogs in kennels painted light blue to help their coats shine. They even put brightly colored bandanas on them to help them look less threatening. Check out ABC News for the video story.

The Black Dog Rescue Project in Utah is helping to get the word out too. They suggest taking a photo in natural light so the dog can show its best side on his petfinder page.

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  1. That's why I adopted my black kitty - she had been in the shelter for 5 months. Although I was pleasantly surprised when they didn't let me adopt her the week before Halloween and made me wait until November.


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