Friday, July 31, 2009

Top 10 wildlife threats

Veterinary Pet Insurance just released a list of the top ten wildlife dangers to your pet. It looks scary, but they say a lot of the threats are regionally focused, so depending on where you are, you probably don't have to worry about all of these.

The list goes:
1. Snakes (Yikes!)
2. Coyotes (read my earlier post about a dog escaping a coyote attack by jumping on a bus)
3. Raccoons (major carrier of rabies)
4. Squirrels (really? but they look so yummy!)
5. Scorpions (gross!)
6. Javelina (a what? they are very protective of their babies)
7. Porcupines (several dogs in my family have gotten a little too close to these interesting looking creatures)
8. Groundhogs (they will bite their way out if you try to catch them)
9. Skunks (these stinkers prey on rodents, so may go after a small dog)
10. Rats (these scavengers are unlikely to bite your pet, but carry lots of diseases)

Read the ABC news report, for a full description of these threats.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

No kibble here!

I'd say this little cafe in Dallas is ahead of the pack! They now offer a menu for the dogs that accompany their people eating on the patio. It sounds like they had to get a new city ordinance passed in order to make it possible, so there are rules like no eating off of human plates, and waitstaff cannot pet the dogs. Read about the restrictions, and check out the dog menu here--includes yummy stuffy like scrambled eggs with turkey bits and grilled chicken. The menu also includes a list of what NOT to eat for dogs. Another bonus: 15% of their puppy menu sales will benefit a local shelter!

[Image courtesy of PhotoBucket]

Puppy politics

Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts has been seen carrying his new puppy Tobey everywhere. Some politicos think that he is doing it to gain positive public attention, while supporters note that puppies need a lot of time, attention, and opportunities for socialization so he is just taking proper care of his new pup.

I think it is a little of each because we all know that puppies make everyone more popular! But don't let that stop you from thinking about adopting an adult dog like me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1,000 Strong for the Scoop!

A new milestone for the Scoop--It has been just over a month since my launch, and the website has had over 1,000 visits! I owe so much of this success to the word of mouth generated by my readers, so please continue to spread the word! Thank you all for your support and tips. Plus, the Scoop is now on Facebook and Twitter!

Do dogs have morals?

Scientists at Harvard are working to understand the dog's sense of morality. They need volunteers to help out, so if you live in the Boston area, consider signing up for the betterment of human understanding dogkind. Read more about the Harvard Canine Cognition Lab and their research program.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday & Luis inspire Congressional action

Tuesday is back in the news! Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about Tuesday, a service dog helping veteran Luis Carlos Montalvan cope with PTSD. Well, I had a hunch this duo could be an inspiration for something bigger.

The recently sworn in Senator Al Franken (yes, THAT Al Franken, from SNL), just introduced his first bill in Congress. Would you believe that Tuesday and Luis were his inspiration? Well, Franken had met Luis and Tuesday at a Presidential Inagural Ball earlier this year, where he learned of his story. All of this served as his inspiration to introduce a bill that would create a pilot program at the Department of Defense to work with non-profit organizations to provide at least 200 service dogs to veterans struggling with both physical and mental wounds of war.

"My hope is that at the end of this they'll go, 'A ha! These dogs pay for themselves or more than pay for themselves, we have fewer suicides, fewer incidents of hospitalization, less costs in prescription drugs and more productivity,' " Franken said to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Wags to Luis for speaking up! The bill (S. 1495) already has bipartisan support in the Senate, so I have high hopes that this will be a reality.

Lost for a YEAR

Teddy was lost for a year! Poor guy managed to get by on what he could find, probably even eating out of dumpsters. Some very dedicated shelter workers had seen him roaming the area and hoped to get him to roam right into the shelter (with a little help from bacon and spam, mmmm, bacon). But it worked, and now Teddy is back! They are helping him recover from his time on his own, but he will be up for adoption soon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Give this dog a JOB!

Ollie was not only lucky enough to land at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, he was enrolled in their Search and Service Training Program! Ollie has been a star student and has proven he can search successfully in the wilderness and urban environments. Not so bad for a shelter dog, huh? The folks at Best Friends point to Ollie as an example of how not all service dogs need to be pure bred. Ollie is also an example of how working breed mixes can make great pets, but sometimes need a job to channel their energy.

Speaking of working breeds in need of homes, check out my friend Baxter. He is an Australian Cattle Dog mix in desperate need of a home with a big yard where he can have a job. His last owner shot him with a bb gun because he was barking, but poor Baxter was just barking because he was bored!

He loves people and love attention, but has TONS of energy that needs to be channeled into something constructive. Baxter has lots of love to give, just like Ollie, but he need to find a forever home that is just right for him. If you are interested in Baxter, please contact Lisa:

5-legged puppy no more

Lilly's leg-removal surgery was a success! Catch up on the backstory and pictures in my earlier post.

Lily's new person, Allyson Siegel, fast tracked the surgery amid reports that the coney island sideshow was going to sue for their "right" to have her. This article reports that "Prior to the surgery, the puppy couldn't sit, walk or lay properly because of the extra leg (which had six toes and protruded from her stomach). "She'd struggle to run up a hill or walk up a hill because she had to tug that thing behind her," says Siegel." That would be no way for Lilly to live!

While the vet offered to do the surgery for free, Seigel said she paid for it from donations she received from supporters. Lilly is expected to make a full recovery, but she will have to wear a cone on her head while her wounds heal. Any dog knows the cone is no fun!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The car does not need to be scary!

I love riding in the car, but not all dogs do. This article offers some good tips on helping your pup learn how to behaving in new situations--like riding in the car. I bet for some dogs it is scary at first, especially if the reason they ever get in the car is to go to the vet for shots-no fun! The article offers some quick tips to make sure your dog loves the car as much as me.

[Image courtesy of PhotoBucket]

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dare, another very special two legged dog!

I received a huge response when I wrote an earlier story about Faith, the two legged therapy dog. Faith is certainly one of a kind, but there are other dogs like her out there.

Dare is a sheltie who has one front leg and one back leg. Dare can walk, run and even swim on his two legs. He does swim therapy regularly to keep his two legs in shape. In his spare time, Dare is also a therapy dog! He visits amputee clinics, special needs schools, and other folks with disabilities. His person says that he just walks because no one ever told him he can't. That message should help others struggling to overcome their disabilities.

Check out the Dare's whole story here....there are lots of super-cute pictures with this story, so you definitely want to click this link!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Saved from a 7-foot gator!

This Wheaten Terrier Mandy found herself in the jaws of a 7-foot gator in her own back yard. Yikes! His owner didn't run away, but ran to the gator to save his best friend. He used his hands to pry open the jaws of the gator, and Mandy got away with minor injuries. Mandy's person lost two fingers in the ordeal, but says he would do it again if he had to. What a hero!

Puppy-proofing your home

Petside has this helpful guide for puppy-proofing every room in your house--from the living room to the laundry room, to the garage, and even your backyard! Sure, I love to have fun exploring, but it is not so fun when I get sick from eating something I am not supposed to have. I used to try to eat the plastic eyes out of my plush toys, but now my person just cuts them out before I can play with them.

If you plan on bringing a new member into your pack soon, check out these tips to keep you house safe and happy (but still fun!) for your puppy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why do some dogs have short legs?

Some dogs are little all over, but other dogs seem normal size except for their legs--like basset hounds, corgis, and dachshunds.

Scientists have now discovered why! They have located a single gene that produces a protein that sort of confuses growth during development. This is what makes them different than the all-over small dogs, like toy poodles.

Grants for Petfinder member shelters!

Hey rescue groups and shelters: you may be tested!

Maddie's Fund and Petfinder are operating a $50,000 grant project this summer promoting great customer service at shelters and rescues around the country. You may get called or emailed by a tester, but it could turn into money for the dogs and other pets in your care. Awards will range from $500-$2,000! Check out the details here.

[Image courtesy of PhotoBucket]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First 100 dog-days with the Obamas

Bo, the White House dog, wrote this clever article in the New York Times, reflecting on his first 100 days since finding his forever home with the first family.

He sounds concerned about being compared to first dogs of previous administrations. His thoughts on the coverage of Buddy, the Clinton dog: "Buddy was persistently maligned by rumors that he did not get along with Socks the cat, as if that were his fault. (Cats, need I remind you, are jerks.)"

Bo is under even more pressure with today's 24-hour news cycle!

[Image Courtesy of the White House]

Un-skewering Smokey

Just last week, I posted a story about Smokey the Chihuahua puppy who had a giant fork stuck in his head.

Don't you know, he was already on the Today Show! They had the full story from the vet and exactly how this unlikely accident happened, and why Smokey was able to survive. After they removed the fork, he was walking in circles to the right for a while, but he seems to have gotten over that. He has one droopy eye, but is expected to recover just fine.

A rough ride

This Boston Terrier, Ali was rafting with his people in Oregon when everyone went overboard! Oh no!

His bigger buddy, Duke, a pit bull mix, was able to swim to safety right away, but Ali had a rougher ride. He floated through two rapids before getting out of the water and then had to survive the night--where he had to hide from the cougars and bears living by the Blossom Bar rapids in Lower Rogue River Canyon. When Ali found his people the next day, he still has his life vest on!

Both dogs had life vests on, which surely helped save their lives. Remember, life vests are not just for kids--adults AND dogs need them especially in rough waters!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Molly FOUND, and news on other stolen pets

I got the BEST email this morning at MOLLY HAS BEEN FOUND! One of her people sent me this picture of her back safely at her home. The woman who stole her has serious mental health problems and has a history of stealing animals. She was seen purchasing dog supplies with Molly at a local Petco, and the police were able to subpoena the credit card records to find her.

To catch up on the background on what was happening with Molly, read my original story here.

Also today, this story was posted on NewsChannel8 about a rise in stolen pets in the DC area, especially small dogs (which are easier to pick up and run away with) and cats that are in unsecured yards. The bandits will keep the dog until a reward is offered, then get the cash in exchange for the return of your precious pet.

I highly doubt this trend is exclusive to the DC area, so be careful wherever you are. Remember even if you are just going in for a cup of coffee, it is not safe to leave me tied up!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday! I don't really know exactly when I was born, since I was abandoned, so I celebrate by birthday on the day my new life started in my forever home. I am about 4 years old, and have been in my forever home for 2 years today!

Speaking of milestones, the Scoop has had nearly 700 visits since launching just a month ago! I will be announcing my first sponsor soon, and you can now follow me on Twitter @DailyDogScoop !

Thanks for your support, and please keep spreading the word through facebook, twitter, or plain, old fashioned email!

The saga of the 5-legged puppy

We have seen 2-legged dogs, 3-legged dogs, but a 5 legged dog?

Lilly was born with 5 legs to a person who had recently lost his job. Desperate, he decided to sell her to a carnival side show for $3,000....not such a happy ending for Lilly, so when I first heard about it, I decided not to post the story.

olina one-upped the carnival buyer and offered the original owner $4,000. The first owner had gotten a lot of heat after the original story broke, so was eager to offload the puppy drama, as long as he could still get the profit. Siegel is also going to take on the $2,000 in medical expenses to remove the 5th leg so that Lilly can live a normal life. The carnival owner insisted that he would have given Lily a good life, but I think she is better off with a family than in a cage on Coney Island, dragging around a 5th leg that does not even appear to be functional.

Lily may not be famous in the future, but dogs don't need fame, they need happy endings in forever homes.

UPDATE: Seigel has received an outpouring of support and well wishes since rescuing Lilly from the Coney Island Freak Show. A NYC vet has even offered to do Lilly's surgery for free.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dog plays mom to panda cubs

When a mama red panda in a Chinese zoo abandoned her babies, the zoo keepers had to scramble to find way for them to survive.

Don't you know a dog was there to step up to the plate. There are less than 2,500 red pandas left in the world, and plenty of us! I am glad that this dog could lend a hand--but like most new moms she looks tired!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why bark?

I am not much of a barker, but some dogs can't get enough! Scientist Kathryn Lord wanted to figure out if dogs are barking to bark, or if they are barking to tell people something specific.

She says that dogs probably bark more than other animals because of our long history with humans on our road to domestication. What they found is that dogs bark when they feel conflicted about something--the urge to run away from a predator conflicted with the urge to protect our food. Dogs bark more than other animals since we are put in conflicting situations more often than non-domesticated animals.

But you wonder, how come my dog always barks when it is dinner time? Because you taught him that he gets fed if he barks at dinnertime! Lord explains, "Dogs do quickly learn the simple cause-and-effect relationship between their bark at 10 p.m. and the fact that you’ll get right up and take them outdoors. It’s true, but in our view it’s going too far to suggest the animal is intentionally referring to a specific activity." Rather, it has just learned cues, as it does when it learns to sit or beg for a treat.”

Basically that means that we only know that our bark means something specific if you taught us that it does. Some dogs I know just seem to like barking for the heck of it! Why do you think your dog barks? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Look out for the fork in the road...

I love survivor stories, and there are some survivor stories that are just CRAZY. This little bitty chihuahua somehow got a giant BBQ fork stuck in his head and then got lost in the woods for three days. But he survived! Vets says he is expected to make a full recovery.

I am a dog, but I still understand you

Despite the naysayers, we DO understand you! New science tells us that dogs understand human gestures about almost as well as toddlers, and better than chimpanzees. They think that because we are domesticated, we have evolved to understand human gestures like head tilting, pointing, and staring. Plus the similarities between baby-talk and dog-talk help dogs socialize and learn from exaggerated sounds and gestures. Neat stuff!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bed bug detection system

This is a story about bed bugs, but I couldn't resist posting it because it mentions how the dog's nose is one of the most accurate bed bug detection systems around. Who knew?!

Roscoe, pictured here, is trained to sniff out bed bugs in your house so you can treat the problem areas. The article points out that if you decide to use a a service that has a dog detector, be sure to ask about the dogs credentials because it requires the same kind of extensive training as bomb detection dogs.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is that a dog?

Scooter here is still 6 months old, but is only 3 inches tall at his shoulders, and weighs less than a stick of butter. He isn't expected to get much bigger, so is competing for the title of World's Smallest Dog.

I am not sure if that is even a dog...maybe they should be in a different category. There is a dark side to this kind of trait selective breeding. This article from the LA Times cautions that while they are cute, these dogs can have serious problems. In addition to fragile tiny bones, as their heads get smaller, but they still need to house the same number of teeth so they have lots of oral health problems. They are popular at puppy mill enterprises, because I guess raising a bunch of dogs the size of butter sticks is easier than big dogs like me. None of this is Scooter's fault though. He is a cutie for sure, and I wish him the best.

Some people really want a small dog though, and that is ok. But instead of going to a breeder or puppy mill just search for "small dogs" in need of homes on I am sure there is one for you!

Worse than Dogballs!*

Champion golfer Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano has been a little off his game since he learned that is Shar-pei, Petra, has gone missing. He even said that he would rather find his dog than win the Scottish Open. This may come as a surprise to golf fans, but not dog lovers.

I sure hope Petra makes a safe return to the Castano family soon! In related news, unfortunately, there have been no recent developments in the Washington DC case of missing Molly, who was stolen from outside a Whole Foods while her people ran in to pick up just a few items.

All these things make me glad that I have a microchip! See my earlier story on microchipping here. Most vets can implant them, and nearly all shelters will scan found dogs to help them find their way home.

[Image courtesy of PhotoBucket]

* I recently learned that "Dogballs is a golf term for scoring 8 on any hole. I don't know much about golf, but I know that is a bad thing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pet Airways taking off!

Earlier this summer, I wrote about PetAirways. Since it launched this week, I have gotten so many tips at from excited pets and people that it seemed worthy to post again.

PetAirways made its prime time debut on ABC News last night, so check out the news video there. Some speculated that the airline would not take off because of tough economic times, but it looks like PetAirways has found a necessary niche--They are booked for the next two months!

Our people want us to be safe when traveling, and PetAirways is making that possible. Go to to book a trip for your four-legged friend!

A new leg, a new life

Here is another story about some amazing scientists finding new ways to help animals! Check out the National Geographic a photo gallery of animals that are using specially crafted prosthetics to survive. In addition to the dog pictured here with a prosthetic leg, they have fitted an injured bald eagle with a prosthetic beak to help him eat again, new flippers on a sea turtle injured by a shark, a new leg for a elephant injured by poachers, and several other amazing prosthetics that can help injured animals live a better life--and even return to the wild.

I have seen lots of dogs that get around fine on three legs, but what is a human to do with just one? The scientist here have managed to fuse this prosthetic with the dog's bone--something they say could help humans in the future.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's Tuesday story

This service dog is so special that he got his own iconic grainy image published in the Wall Street Journal! What makes him so newsworthy is that he is serving the growing need for service dogs for soldiers returning from war with PTSD. I just wrote about this a few weeks ago, but this is another really special story.

This dog, named Tuesday, reminds retired veteran, Luis Carlos Montalvan, to take his medicine, helps to keep him calm in crowds, and break him out of bad moments when he is having hallucinations or thinking about suicide. Tuesday knows over 80 commands!

What makes Tuesday extra special is that he was trained in the program of Puppies Behind Bars, where prisoners work to train service dogs. In turn the dogs often help the prisoners turn their own lives around. The WSJ story also tells the story of the prisoner who trained Tuesday while in prison and now trains dogs since being released.

Check out this video to see Luis's story and watch Tuesday hard at work:

Monday, July 13, 2009

From home fire to forever home...

This adorable 8 week old pup was just left behind when her people moved out of their home in Temple, TX. As though being abandoned as a puppy were not bad enough, the building she was left in caught on fire!

Two very brave teenager girls who heard the puppy crying rescued the pup just before the building was engulfed in flames. The puppy was taken to the Temple Animal Shelter, where they cleared up her fleas, and treated her belly for worms. While getting all fixed up they received over 100 adoption inquiries! She was adopted in a snap by a lucky young man that plans to name her either Smokey or Blaze. Read the whole story here.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hide my toys, it might save your life

Sometimes after I finally get my toys arranged perfectly across the living room floor, my person gathers them all up an puts them back in the toy box! After all that work!

But now I learned that maybe she does this so she doesn't trip and hurt herself. The Washington Post reported that "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that an average of 86,629 Americans visit the emergency room each year after a fall caused by pets or their paraphernalia."

I had no idea my toys were so risky for people to have around! My person can put them away if she wants, but don’t expect me to!

[Photo Courtesy of PhotoBucket]

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dolly's new life

So many dogs lives start out rough. Dolly was abandoned by the side of the road as a puppy after she was partially paralyzed. She was close to being put down, but a friendly veterinarian decided he would help to save her. They got Dolly connected with a Best Friends chapter in Los Angeles, and with the help of, Dolly found her forever home in Texas with a very generous dog lover that has experience with special needs dogs. Happy ending, right?

It gets better! It turns out Dolly wasn't actually completely paralyzed in her hind legs, as originally thought. After undergoing hip surgery, she can now RUN on her three good legs! She still has to do physical therapy, but life sure has turned around for her, thanks to some very special humans. Read the whole story here.

I have a friend named Charlie who runs on three legs and is happy
as a clam! Plus I think it gets him extra attention and love because he is so special.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Even kids can help rescue pets!

Check out this awesome 7-year old human, named Vincent. Just a kid and he is already helping out homeless animals! He worked really hard and collected food, blankets and toys for his local Humane Society. Go Vincent!

Did you know that volunteering to help homeless pets is actually a great summertime activity for kids? My person spent summers as a kid helping out at her local Humane Society--feeding dogs, cleaning cages, and taking them out for walks. Or you can do collections like Vincent. Shelters always need the help, dogs always need the love, and it teaches kids about the repsonsibilities of owning a pet!

Check with your local shelter to see if the smaller members of your family can help out. You can go to and search by zip code to find all the shelters and rescues near you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Walk me, please

Just because you have a yard, it does not mean that your dog does not need to get out and see the world. Imagine how you would feel always cooped up in the same house and the same yard...bored, right? It might lead you to do some crazy things, like scratch the walls, or chew on shoes? Ok, maybe not you, but your dog might do those things.

Check out this article on the benefits of walking your dog regularly, even if you have an ample yard. Walking is not just for doing our business, we need to get out, stimulate our senses, and socialize with other dogs and people. But beware of blacktop in the summer, it can burn our pads!

Remember the training mantra: "a tired dog is a well behaved dog." So give us a little extra exercise, and it might make your life easier! I hear walking is good for humans too :)

[Image courtesy of PhotoBucket]

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big old dog, meet small new dog

Bringing a new dog into the house can be stressful for the dogs that already live there. It can be dangerous too if the dogs are not in the same size category. Before brining a puppy home, read up on the proper way to introduce them to the pack, and minimize conflict in the house.

My favorite tips: beware that food is a common source of conflict, so feed the dogs separately so they don't feel like they are competing over their kibble. Don't punish the the deed if you did not witness the crime! (See my earlier post "Just because I look guilty doesn't mean I did it"). And finally, remember that all dogs are different, so just because something works for your older guy, doesn't mean it is the best for the new pup.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The “golden treatment” for hip dysplasia

I am really glad there are veterinarians out there trying to discover new treatments for dogs. But you have got to wonder, who thought up the idea of injecting gold into our joints? It turns out a veterinarian and acupuncturist tried it out for the first time nearly 40 years ago, but the first scientific study occurred only recently. Turns out the dogs with hip dysplasia treated with the tiny gold implants did much better than the dogs that received no treatment.

The story doesn’t say anything about the cost, but it is only a tiny piece of gold, so hopefully it becomes an affordable option for folks looking for alternative remedies for their dogs’ hip dysplasia.

An elephant's best friend

Earlier this year, CBS aired a story about a dog and elephant that were best buds: Tara and Bella. They were so close that when Bella (the dog) got sick, Tara (the elephant) waited for weeks outside the house Bella was staying in.

After the story aired, the owners of the elephant sanctuary were flooded with media requests, and Disney even wanted to make a movie about them. Despite the possibility of fame and fortune, The caretakers decided that it would be best just to let these animals be animals and let them maintain their friendship outside of the spotlight.

At least they let CBS in to film an update so that folks could still follow their inspirational story. Check it out below.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Double danger to dogs: pot brownies

It sounds like some neighborhood kids thought it would be fun to give this poodle Saydy some pot brownies. She got really sick, and the vet finally decided to test her for drugs. The vet said that she was high!

The pot may have led to her weird behavior, but she was getting sick because of the chocolate, which ironically may have been the most dangerous part of this illicit treat.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stay safe on the 4th!

Today is a big day for parties and BBQs for people in America. Dogs like me love joining the festivities, but it is not always safe.

ASPCA is a great resource for keeping dogs like me safe while you party it up---including not taking us to the fireworks, and not making us wear glow jewelry that we might eat! I don't really agree with the "no handouts" rule, but it is probably for the best, because our bellies get upset so easily...

One to add to the list--please keep some fresh water out for us so we don't overheat in the July heat!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Today Show profiles senior dogs and pit bulls

Check out these great dogs profiled on the Today Show. Like most of us, these dogs have lots of love to give. Senior dogs are really special because they are nice and calm, and usually trained! Pit bulls are super-lovers, usually very wiggly, and good family dogs despite their bad rap.

These lucky shelter dogs got some much needed TLC before their Today Show debut so they could put their best paw forward! I hope they all find their forever homes soon, and kudos to the Today Show for promoting rescue of difficult to adopt seniors and pit bulls.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why dogs don't pop wheelies

When we want to go somewhere, we sure know how to take off! But did you ever wonder how we can start off so fast and still stay on all fours? Well, don't you know there are some scientists out there that wanted the answer to that question.

They wanted to figure out how dogs can accelerate so fast without popping a whellie. Precisely, they designed an experiment "to see how fast a quadruped could accelerate without tipping over backward." Sounds complicated, but it looks like the answer is that we were basically designed that way. Seems obvious, but people need to busy themselves with studying something!

Now, if we could only master a clean stop on hardwood floors...

[Photo courtesy of Photo Bucket]

Sniffing for your health

Us dogs have good noses, and we get lots of information just from sniffing other dogs and people. But did you know that we can detect the slightest change in a human's scent when they are about to have a diabetic attack? Check out this story from Reuters to learn about how our noses are being employed to detect things like diabetic attacks and even bladder cancer! They are trying to make a machine that can do this, but that is a long way away. Wouldn't you rather have a dog checking you if you were sick anyway?

[Photo courtesy of PhotoBucket]

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