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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another heroic pair of pit bulls

Buster, the four year old chihuahua was enjoying some free playtime in his suburban backyard in Littleton, CO. It seemed like a perfectly care-free day. Until it wasn't.  A coyote came into the yard and snatched up Buster and was dragging him away!  Two pit bulls that lived in the neighborhood heard the commotion and did not waste any time coin to the rescue. They stared down the coyote until he realized he was outnumbered and left the injured chihuahua.  These protectors laid down in the brush with Buster and licked his until his owner, Jodi Robinette arrived a few moments later.

Buster did suffer severe injuries, but is expected to recover. His vet, Dr. Bregitzer told They were "guardian angels for her dog, disguised as pit bulls."

Did you know that heroic Coloradan pit bulls could not move to Denver in their own home state?  Yep.  Pit bulls--regardless of past behavior--are victims of a blanket breed ban in the Denver jurisdiction.  Maggie Marton over at OhMyDogBlog wants you to do something about it.  Check out her site to learn more about the campaign to End Breed Specific Legislation, and follow the #endBSL conversation on Twitter.  Maggie's precious bully Emmet, the inspiration behind the campaign, is pictured here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A pit bull, a bassinet, and a happy ending

Pit bull are still the quintessential American family dog, despite the bad rap they get because of the criminals that abuse them.  Thor is the latest example of the incredi-dog.  Thor's family home was on fire and his people would not wake up--he tried barking and prodding them, but they were fast asleep.  In the meantime, Thor knew that their family's new baby human needed to get out of the house fast.  He sprung into action, and returned to the parents to bark at them again, only this time "He had my infant, my 3-month-old little girl, bassinet and all, grabbed by the ruffles and drug to the front door, ready to go," according to father Kemper Hunter.  He continued, "He's a hero, he saved our lives."

The family had just moved into their new home a week earlier, and lost everything in the fire.  It could have been worse if it wasn't for Thor, Hunter added--"Thank God for him, because if it wasn't for him, everything else is replaceable, but if it wasn't for him I think we'd still be laying in that bed if my dog hadn't been as heroic as he was."

This happy family is lucky they all survived and are still together.  Can you believe they would have to give up their family hero if they wanted to move to Denver or any other jurisdiction that has senseless breed bans?  Maggie Marton over at is working hard to change that with the #endBSL campaign.  Visit her site to find out how you can help! Check out my previous post about the campaign here.

[Photo of Thor courtesy of WSBT-TV]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A good dog is a good dog, regardless of breed

Did you know that in some places it is illegal to have a pug?!  No, not really, but isn't banning any other breed just a crazy?  Bully breeds like pit bulls get a bad rap because of the criminals that abuse them and force them to fight.  Those dogs make up such a small proportion of pit bulls out there and many are even rehabilitated once they get proper loving homes.  In fact, the American Temperament Testing Society says that spayed and neutered pit bulls pass at much higher rates than most other breeds.  But that doesn't stop politicians from seeking to address the problem with blind bans on entire breeds.  We should be focusing on stopping these criminals, not banning their targeted victims.

Breed specific legislation, or BSL, is most often targeted at American Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  Some of the laws just refer to dogs that have characteristics common to those breeds--but there are over 25 breeds and mixes that are commonly mistaken for pit bulls.  All of that aside, BSL distracts from more effective dangerous dog laws that target behavior instead of appearance.  Over 200 counties and cities have outright bans on these breeds, but banning a certain breed of dog will not stop criminals from finding dogs to abuse. Instead of focusing on good training and socialization, this gives the public a false sense of security that maybe just because their dog is not a banned breed it is 100% safe regardless of training or socialization.

My good friend over at OhMyDogBlog would have liked to bring her pit bull service dog to the next BlogPaws conference in Denver.  Despite the fact that her bully, Emmett is a trained service dog dog that serves in a residential treatment facility for children, he is banned from coming to Denver because of his breed alone.  Denver has a ban on pit bulls, though few are even willing to admit that it makes a difference.  OhMyDogBlog is now planning a campaign to educate folks about misguided BSL laws, and hopes to change some minds along the way--starting with Denver's Mayor!  Check out all the details over on her blog--helping us is as easy as sending (or emailing) a post card.  Check her blog out every Tuesday for updates on the campaign and educational posts about BSL.  Follow the conversation on Twitter with the following hashtag: #endBSL

The picture posted here of a typical-smiling-butt-wiggling pit bull was found on Doggie Stylish's post about happy dogs.

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