Friday, July 31, 2009

Top 10 wildlife threats

Veterinary Pet Insurance just released a list of the top ten wildlife dangers to your pet. It looks scary, but they say a lot of the threats are regionally focused, so depending on where you are, you probably don't have to worry about all of these.

The list goes:
1. Snakes (Yikes!)
2. Coyotes (read my earlier post about a dog escaping a coyote attack by jumping on a bus)
3. Raccoons (major carrier of rabies)
4. Squirrels (really? but they look so yummy!)
5. Scorpions (gross!)
6. Javelina (a what? they are very protective of their babies)
7. Porcupines (several dogs in my family have gotten a little too close to these interesting looking creatures)
8. Groundhogs (they will bite their way out if you try to catch them)
9. Skunks (these stinkers prey on rodents, so may go after a small dog)
10. Rats (these scavengers are unlikely to bite your pet, but carry lots of diseases)

Read the ABC news report, for a full description of these threats.

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  1. The Lissandrello clan have had their share!!


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