Monday, July 27, 2009

5-legged puppy no more

Lilly's leg-removal surgery was a success! Catch up on the backstory and pictures in my earlier post.

Lily's new person, Allyson Siegel, fast tracked the surgery amid reports that the coney island sideshow was going to sue for their "right" to have her. This article reports that "Prior to the surgery, the puppy couldn't sit, walk or lay properly because of the extra leg (which had six toes and protruded from her stomach). "She'd struggle to run up a hill or walk up a hill because she had to tug that thing behind her," says Siegel." That would be no way for Lilly to live!

While the vet offered to do the surgery for free, Seigel said she paid for it from donations she received from supporters. Lilly is expected to make a full recovery, but she will have to wear a cone on her head while her wounds heal. Any dog knows the cone is no fun!

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