Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My most important job

Hello friends!  Sorry I have not posted recently.  My number one job--taking care of my person--has been pretty hectic lately.  You see, she started a very busy new job, so I have to work extra hard to make sure she eats on time, gets her exercise, and takes a few moments for herself to relax with me.  This is not an easy job, but it is very important!  She thanks me for my hard work every day, and it is exciting to see her enjoying this new opportunity.  Many thanks to my readers for your patience while I balance my new responsibilities!

By the way--That is yours truly pictured here on the right!  I had taken my person out for a fun day of relaxing and I was lucky enough to find an old dirty tennis ball in the park!  I was so happy about it that I carried it all the way home.  That's just part of the everyday work of reminding my person to appreciate the simple things in life.

As far as my attire goes--I am sporting a Comfort Trainer head harness, which is a great alternative to the gentle leader, as it doesn't leave a mark on my nose yet is exceptionally durable and well constructed.  Did you notice my HomeAgain Tag that reminds people that I am microchipped?  You can't see it well, but I am also sporting a fashionable, yet durable Bella Bean collar.  No disclosure is necessary, as we purchased all of these items with our own money and have not been contacted by any of these companies--but can say with certainty they are all great products!