Monday, March 1, 2010

THE biggest dog ever

It is hard to keep up with the latest on who is considered THE biggest dog around. The Guiness book of world records crowned Titan as the new title holder last fall, only to be unseated this month by George. This dog is 7'3" when standing on his hind legs, and weighs a whopping 245 pounds. He is not just the current title holder, but the largest dog ever recorded. That is a lot of dog! His people first had him in a crate, then they upgraded to a twin size bed, but now he has his very own queen size bed!

Titan had appeared on the Today Show, but George showed him up media-wise too with an appearance on Oprah! Gibson, the longtime record holder, passed away over the summer. He also appeared on Oprah. Check out the special coverage of Gibson's plane ride to Chicago--he took up two coach seats, but was a hit among the other passengers. George apparently required a whole row of seats!


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