Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ricochet redefines what it means to be a service dog

I want to introduce you to my friend Ricochet. This girl is so special on her own, but she uses her talents to give back in a big way. Ricochet was born into a litter of budding service dogs, but becuase of her interest in birds, she did not make the cut. She could have become just an ordinary pet at that point, but her people saw real talent despite her bird-induced limitations. Check out this great youtube video that documents her training and how she came to the next phase in her life--from a service dog to a surf-ice dog!

Ricochet (Ricki for short) learned how to surf as a puppy, and just loves it. She uses her talents and magnetic personality to draw attention to the needs of people with disabilities. Her first fundraiser, a tandem surf with her quadriplegic buddy Patrick, raised $10,000 for his medical needs and a sponsor for 3 years of his physical therapy. Ricki did a toy drive over Christmas, getting toys to 630 kids! She is currently running a fundraiser for her young buddy Ian McFarland who suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him disabled. Ricki and her person hope to reach their $10,000 goal this week. Read all about Ricki and her great work on her website.

Surf Dog Ricochet was recognized earlier this year with a Dogswell WAG award for the most charitable story. Check out this slideshow of her on the "green carpet" at the awards. Dogswell also honored Joe St. George for his amazing rescue of Venon/Spikey from a flooded LA river earlier this year.

In addition to working hard for good causes, Ricky is a dog that knows how to have some serious fun. Check out her great facebook page that is regularly updated with great pictures of her adventures (Like the one from her playground practice posted here). Don't miss the fun photo series of Ricki meeting a real, live bunny up close!

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  1. inspirational - never saw anything like that in ocean city. go rico!!!