Thursday, March 25, 2010

A long way down!

Bomb sniffing dogs can be a huge help to soldiers in the field. The problem is, sometimes the "field" is far away and you have to get there fast. Ok, I would take a helicopter there. What if there is nowhere to land? Well, the dog has got to jump just like the soldiers!

Austria's special forces crew recently joined a British team went on a training mission in Norway. With specially equipped harnesses, the dogs jump out tandem with a soldier. As one of the jumping soldiers explains to the Daily Mail, dogs don't perceive the height distance the way humans do. In fact, he says of his dog, "He has a much cooler head than most recruits." I will take his word for it!

Check out the Daily Mail article for some more neat pictures.


  1. So amazing! Shep gives four paws up for his Belgian Malinois cousins.

  2. For the pup it is probably like putting his nose out the car window with the "breeze" and loving it!!