Friday, March 5, 2010

Deacon's beacon home

Last December, Deacon went missing from his backyard in rural Virginia. He would occasionally enjoy extended outdoor adventures, so his people weren't too concerned at first. After a few days, Kieth and Pamela Holt became quite worried and alerted the authorities. Weeks went by, and they believed they lost their two year old german shepherd for good.

Then just a few weeks ago, they received a call from an animal control officer in Florida! The officer asked if they were the owners of a dog named Bruno--which was Deacon's first name when they adopted him--when his microchip was registered. Right away, they drove 10 hours and 600 miles to pick up their guy--who was over-joyous at the reunion. Just another reminder of the importance of microchipping! Ask your vet about it on your next visit, and remember to keep your contact info up to date. It could be your dog's beacon home.


  1. very happy ending, lucky guy, sounds like he had two great homes!

  2. Deacon, I wanted to get out of Virginia during all the snow, too, but please don't run away again!