Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spotted dog survives a tough spot

Chloe slipped out of her collar and darted into the street to greet another dog. A double decker bus got in her way. She was struck the bus, then became trapped between the front wheels. The firefighters of Swiss Cottage, north London, were quick to the scene to help out the dalmatian in need. They brought in a hydraulic jack to help Chloe out from under the 7.5 ton bus. They were able to tilt the bus enough to the side that one fire fighter was able to get into the tight spot to pull Chloe to safety.

Amazingly, this tough dog came out without a single broken bone or even a scratch! She was pretty scared by the whole ordeal but was happy to be back in the arms of her loving person, Brian Levy. Of course, a big wag to the firefigters who have again proven themselves to be real heros to dogs in need. Check out the whole article from the Daily Mail for some more great shots of the rescue.

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