Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saving the dogs of Spain

Jackie Todd and her husband moved from the UK to a rustic Spanish village 13 years ago, and have since dedicated themselves to helping local K9s in need. The moved to get away from their workaholic lifestyles, but turned out working hard at something else instead. It started with a 6-week old puppy thrown from a car, then a pup saved from a river, then a stray that had had its ears and tail cut off. Just last year, they helped 119 dogs. All those dogs would make for some great stories, so the wrote a book!

Dog Days in Andalucia: Tails from Spain is only available in the UK right now, but you can read more about it here in the Daily Mail. Maybe the publishers could send me a copy here in the US??

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  1. fortunately there are some very good people out there!!