Monday, March 8, 2010

A paw in the door

A good headshot can get you in the door in LA. A bad one can keep you out. If you spend time browsing Petfinder like me, you know that some of the dogs looking for homes have photos that don't seem to capture their best side. It is understandable, not every homeless dog has the help of a professional photographer. Well, that is where Seth Casteel comes in. Seth is a professional pet photographer who volunteers in the LA area to help make sure more dogs have great headshots to get the attention necessary to find the forever homes they desperately need. Check out Seth's before and after shots that helped these dogs find homes:

If you are a professional photographer that has a way with pets, think about volunteering your skills to help a shelter near you!

A big wag to my friend Surf Dog Ricochet for the tip, and congratulations are meeting your $10,000 goal on your latest fundraising campaign!


  1. Scoop and Richochet are heroines! (See? I know they're both *girls*!!)

  2. Thanks for the link to the video. My wife owns Mountain Dog Photography and this is exactly what she started doing a year ago at the Humane Society of Chittenden County here in Vermont. It's mostly dogs and cats with some smaller critters occasionally. Each week, she and I go to the shelter and photograph all the available animals. She takes the pics and I try to keep the cats interested in staying in frame.

    Recently, together with a number of other animal photographers, she helped found Hearts Speak. HS is designed to bring together animal artists and animal shelters for a common good.

    I encourage you to check both of them out at and They also each have Facebook pages.

    Keep up the good work here at DDS!!