Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My dog ate my...what?

Say your dog ate your homework--cliche. Now, say your dog ate your tickets to a dog-training seminar--you can't make this stuff up! Mike Evans bought tickets to Cesar Millan's show as a Christmas present for his wife. Their dog Islay was not so keen on this plan, and when the tickets arrived via mail, she chewed them up! Mike said, "She has never touched the mail before. It is the ultimate irony, we don't know whether to laugh or cry."

After some debate about their policy, the booking agent has decided to reissue the tickets (I am sure the media attention helped). So, sorry Islay, your people are still going! It is probably in the best interests of you and your pack.

Wags to my buddy Shep for the tip--I am *sure* he would never do anything like this!


  1. Message dictated from Shep (who can't type because he has no thumbs):

    "Of course I'd never do such a thing..."

  2. My Dog Ate What/Premiere TV Show
    Have you ever worried that your dog has eaten something he really, really shouldn’t have? Like a thong? Or an engagement ring?
    In a new three-part series premiering on National Geographic Wild, “My Dog Ate What?” explores the sometimes dangerous and shocking items dogs digest. The first episode, “Glass, Glue, and Rocks,” looks at the case of Lola, a labradoodle, whose family realizes that she has ingested underwear after examining her vomit. As if the underwear incident weren’t enough, Lola’s owners later find bloody paw prints after a gorging incident with some tasty brownies from a broken glass dish. Luckily for Lola, after a trip to the vet for X-rays and surgery, there is a twist to the case — the underwear and socks in Lola’s stomach shielded her digestive system from the shattered glass ingested with the brownies … and saved her life!
    And then there’s Luciano, a 130-pound Rottweiler (photo, above) who could be renamed Lucky Luciano. This loyal and gentle dog has a strong appetite that has gotten him into some trouble with his owners, Deedee, a Realtor, and Chris, a documentary photojournalist…especially when he ate Deedee’s engagement ring. An x-ray confirmed that Luciano had eaten the ring but then it was Deedee’s job to get the ring back for her wedding by searching through many of Luciano’s “deposits.”
    When: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 10pm ET/PT
    For More Information:
    visit http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/wild/shows-my-dog-ate-what
    Photo courtesy National Geographic Wild; Photo Credit: © Nancy Glass Productions