Monday, March 22, 2010

ER welcomes injured dog

Scottie had accidentally gotten out of his fenced yard and got in a scuffle with another dog. Confused, scared, an injured, where would you go? To the emergency room, of course! Scottie walked right in through the automatic doors at the San Juan Medical Center in Farmington New Mexico, and got the help he needed. Some waiting patients gave him some water and attention until an animal control officer came to pick him up. The officer, Robin Loev said, "He seems very intelligent, very smart and calm and looking like he needed help. I guess he went to the right place."

Scottie's people recognized him in a news report, and were thankful that he was take care of during his adventure away from home. His family picked him up from the Farmington Animal Shelter, and hopefully installed a new lock on the gate at home.

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  1. How stinking cute and such a wonderful ending!