Monday, March 29, 2010

Image rehab for pit bulls (Photographers needed!!)

For a long time, pit bulls were considered an "All American" kind of dog. They were used in the military, and appeared in popular television shows. Let me tell you, every pit bull I have met has been a happy, friendly, wiggle-butt kind of dog. Only recently has their reputation been corrupted by criminals who abuse them and train them to fight.

Well, a new organization called StubbyDog is out to change that. I was not able to find an official website, but a quick google search tells me that they are ready to grow becuase they are hiring for all kinds of positions! Apparently they were founded by Michael Mountain, one of the original top-people at Best Friends Animal Society. It is their mission to change public perceptions of pit bulls. With their hard work, hopefully their image can get some much needed rehab. But they need your help! They are calling on photographers out there to submit photos that can help advance their cause. Printz Photography has the details, or you can email with your pictures.

If anyone has more info about StubbyDogs, please pass it along so I can link to them here!

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  1. I have two pit-mix dogs, and they are both just awesome pets. They are great with kids, and they are super friendly and eager to meet new people.

  2. I raised German shepherds for 38 years, and now work with rescue mini-dachshunds and volunteer at the local SPCA. We get so many Pits in at the shelter, and they are great, loving, fun dogs. I support whole heartedly the efforts to change the negative image people have of them... I would love to work with this group! Thank you for starting this much-needed project!