Thursday, March 11, 2010

Firemen on thin ice to help dog

The firefighters in Clark County, Ohio were on thin ice--literally--after receiving a call that a dog was stranded on the ice of George Rogers Lake. These brave guys are used to the heat, but they suited up in dry suits to try to save this dog. After falling through the ice once, they decided to take a boat out to get her. As they got close, the dog fell through the ice too. But the firemen got ahold of her and were able to warm her up. Check out some footage of the amazing rescue from WDTN.

It turns out this brave girl was not actually stranded, but standing guard out on the ice because two of her buddies had fallen through (sadly, her buddies were not recovered in time). Now known as the George Rogers Park Dog, she is in the capable hands of the workers at the Humane Society of Clark County. She is under veterinary supervision for frostbite on her paws, and is receiving lots of love from the workers to help her recover from the very scary event. They have already been flooded with calls from people interested in adopting George Rogers Park Dog, so it looks like she will find a nice warm, dry home soon enough.

Wags to all the brave firemen and women out there that help to get dogs out of scary situations like this every day.

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