Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's Tuesday story

This service dog is so special that he got his own iconic grainy image published in the Wall Street Journal! What makes him so newsworthy is that he is serving the growing need for service dogs for soldiers returning from war with PTSD. I just wrote about this a few weeks ago, but this is another really special story.

This dog, named Tuesday, reminds retired veteran, Luis Carlos Montalvan, to take his medicine, helps to keep him calm in crowds, and break him out of bad moments when he is having hallucinations or thinking about suicide. Tuesday knows over 80 commands!

What makes Tuesday extra special is that he was trained in the program of Puppies Behind Bars, where prisoners work to train service dogs. In turn the dogs often help the prisoners turn their own lives around. The WSJ story also tells the story of the prisoner who trained Tuesday while in prison and now trains dogs since being released.

Check out this video to see Luis's story and watch Tuesday hard at work:

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