Friday, July 10, 2009

Dolly's new life

So many dogs lives start out rough. Dolly was abandoned by the side of the road as a puppy after she was partially paralyzed. She was close to being put down, but a friendly veterinarian decided he would help to save her. They got Dolly connected with a Best Friends chapter in Los Angeles, and with the help of, Dolly found her forever home in Texas with a very generous dog lover that has experience with special needs dogs. Happy ending, right?

It gets better! It turns out Dolly wasn't actually completely paralyzed in her hind legs, as originally thought. After undergoing hip surgery, she can now RUN on her three good legs! She still has to do physical therapy, but life sure has turned around for her, thanks to some very special humans. Read the whole story here.

I have a friend named Charlie who runs on three legs and is happy
as a clam! Plus I think it gets him extra attention and love because he is so special.

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  1. How wonderful! Great story and I look forward to following your blog ~


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