Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Molly FOUND, and news on other stolen pets

I got the BEST email this morning at Scoop@dailydogscoop.com: MOLLY HAS BEEN FOUND! One of her people sent me this picture of her back safely at her home. The woman who stole her has serious mental health problems and has a history of stealing animals. She was seen purchasing dog supplies with Molly at a local Petco, and the police were able to subpoena the credit card records to find her.

To catch up on the background on what was happening with Molly, read my original story here.

Also today, this story was posted on NewsChannel8 about a rise in stolen pets in the DC area, especially small dogs (which are easier to pick up and run away with) and cats that are in unsecured yards. The bandits will keep the dog until a reward is offered, then get the cash in exchange for the return of your precious pet.

I highly doubt this trend is exclusive to the DC area, so be careful wherever you are. Remember even if you are just going in for a cup of coffee, it is not safe to leave me tied up!


  1. That's so awesome that Molly is back home!

  2. another victim of a deranged person - there must be thousands out there


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