Monday, July 27, 2009

Give this dog a JOB!

Ollie was not only lucky enough to land at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, he was enrolled in their Search and Service Training Program! Ollie has been a star student and has proven he can search successfully in the wilderness and urban environments. Not so bad for a shelter dog, huh? The folks at Best Friends point to Ollie as an example of how not all service dogs need to be pure bred. Ollie is also an example of how working breed mixes can make great pets, but sometimes need a job to channel their energy.

Speaking of working breeds in need of homes, check out my friend Baxter. He is an Australian Cattle Dog mix in desperate need of a home with a big yard where he can have a job. His last owner shot him with a bb gun because he was barking, but poor Baxter was just barking because he was bored!

He loves people and love attention, but has TONS of energy that needs to be channeled into something constructive. Baxter has lots of love to give, just like Ollie, but he need to find a forever home that is just right for him. If you are interested in Baxter, please contact Lisa:


  1. Hope luck is in Baxter's future... Only person I know with big open space is Stacy & Chip (when back in Victor) and they are off the radar for awhile in the adoption department

  2. Mixed breeds are the Scoop!

  3. did he find any bodies in any of those washing machines, i'm glad he found a job he likes, and will look forward to doing. scoop and baxter both look like winners, i'm sure whoever is training scoop is pretty amazing too!

  4. We adopted Baxter in early July, and he's been amazing! We're so lucky to have found such a wonderful dog.


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