Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stolen at Whole Foods (not your paycheck)

Please think twice before tying your pup up outside of stores, even if you are just running in for a few things. This sweet dog Molly was snatched from outside of a Whole Foods store in a good neighborhood in Washington, DC. They think it was because she was pedigreed and worth money, but you never know.

If you are a reader in the DC area and happen to see Molly, email tips to findmollydog@gmail.com. Best wishes for a safe and happy reuinion for Molly and the Newby family.

And please, please, please, don't leave your dog tied up unattended! Either leave your pup at home, or ask a friend to stay outside the store to watch your pup.

UPDATE: Molly's people contacted me to share a resource for updates and sightings--Click here to learn the latest and see more pictures.

UPDATE#2: Molly was seen with a disheveled woman twice at the Petco in the Cleveland Park area of Washington, DC, and a few other times in the Logan Circle area. If you think you see her, please contact her people @ findmollydog@gmail.com , use the phone number that was posted below in the comments.


  1. hope Molly gets picked up soon. Remember the lesson about being tied up for a "few minutes"

  2. For those of you in the DC area,

    Hi this is Art, her dogwalker and I am trying to help locate her. Here is the Craigslist link for more details and updates. Please contact me for sightings of Molly or this woman:



    Thank you for your support.

  3. Per the Craigslist link, she has been sighted several times in the area with a crazy, unkempt lady at 15th and Q, as well as 16th Street southbound between Q and R. Petco in Cleveland Park has also made contact this evening saying the two have been in the store twice already.


  4. We now have serveillance photos of the woman seen with Molly at Cleveland park Petco. Eye witnesses as well as employees there confirm that Molly and the woman matches the descriptions that we have provided. Please email for pictures if you live in the Logan area, specifically Q and 15th/16th.