Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buckle-up down under, or else!

Not many dogs in Australia will be riding in the car untethered much longer. Authorities have been cracking down on a law that states that Aussies "must not drive a vehicle with an animal on their lap or preventing them from having proper control of the car." Most people would probably test their luck on this one...but not now that the police are handing out $400 tickets to violators. Shop keepers say that dog seat belts are flying off the shelves.

You make your kids buckle up, so why not your pup too? Probably for the best for everybody.

I wear a seatbelt, but most dogs do not: last week I wrote about a survey that said that 62% of dog owners ride with there pup unrestrained. That would not fly down under!

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  1. Shep thinks he would have to wear a seat belt in Australia because he would be riding upside down!


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