Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Living a long and healthy life

Did you know that dogs are living longer than they used to, just like people? That is great news! There are an estimated 13 million senior dogs in the US! There are lots of factors that determine how long a dog will live, including size, nutrition, and overall wellness care. On average, trim dogs live 2 years longer than obese dogs, so cutting back on the snacks will keep your buddy around longer.

I read about this on MSNBC.com, where they have some interesting info on what makes some dogs live longer than others. They also offer some tips on keeping the spring in the step of your pup--including asking the vet about arthritis medication, and going to the vet if you notice a lump (it is probably treatable if you catch it early). It may seem obvious, but if your senior pet has trouble seeing you can prevent injuries in the house by just not moving the furniture.

They focused on certain breeds, but I wish that they would have written about how any mutt in a loving home can live a very long and happy life too, so don't discriminate!

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