Sunday, October 4, 2009

Surviving Afghanistan & finding a new best friend

Corporal Ashley Phillips of the UK's Royal Army Medical Corp spent three tours in Afghanistan. Something really special happened on his last deployment: He met Smudge. Smudge was just a stray puppy, the smallest in the litter, and had a tongue that just didn't seem to fit in her mouth. Phillips just fell in love with her, and decided she was going to come home with him.

Well, that is no easy feat--it entails a year long process, including 6 months in quarantine. But instead of the dangerous streets of Afghanistan, Smudge now gets to live in the Dorset countryside. What a lucky girl! I bet Corporal Phillips feels pretty lucky too--he survived a war zone, and came home with a new best friend.

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  1. heart warming story!! "Smudge" must be for the coloring on his left eye, very clever; he will think he is on vacation for the rest of his life :-))


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