Friday, October 9, 2009

Lobbying for pet health

Did you know that pets have their own lobbyists? Not just one either--there are a number of groups looking out for animals that can't speak for themselves. Of course the pet-pharmaceutical industry has their own lobbyists too. The Animal Health Industry was up on Capitol Hill last week promoting their agenda. These are the folks that make out vaccines, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, and other pet pills. They get the attention from dog loving congressmen and staffers alike with their popular Pet Night on the Hill, where they have celebrity pets that adoring fans can pose with for pictures. This year's top dog was Ahnold from Entourage (pictured to the right with Congresswoman Jan Schakowski). About 40 dog years ago, my person attended and had her picture taken Eddie from Frasier.

This year, they added a new twist and had a photo contest for the cutest pet on the hill. Check out a slideshow of the finalists and winners here. Do you know any of these powerful pets?

Wags to tipster Nelson for lookin' out for dogs on the hill!

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