Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canine CPR

Seventy-nine year old Jim Touzeau adopted Teka to keep him company after losing his wife. Teka turned out to be more than a companion--she was a lifesaver! Jim collapsed from a heart attack and Teka was sure not gonna let him go. She was pouncing up and down on his chest--what some folks have called "Canine CPR." They don't know if that is what saved Jim, but her frantic barking for help sure made the difference. Jim was having a massive heart attack, and now has a defibrillator implanted in his heart.

Teka has been recognized by the RSPCA with an animal achievement award, but I bet she is just glad that her buddy Jim is ok. Jim told the Brisbane Times: "Because it's just the two of us, I rely on her and she relies on me." Sounds like a perfect pair.

Wags to my buddy Shep for always having his nose to the ground for news out of the U.K.

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