Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Training Tip Tuesday, WAIT, Sponsored by Anytime K9

Hello my canine companions. It's Riley with another tip for your humans. This week my human taught me a fun trick called "wait" and it was so easy to learn. My human uses wait at doors so I don't bolt through first. "Wait" can be used any time a human wants their dog to hang out for a minute before continuing with a task like at doors or before a feeding.

Actually, the way she taught me "wait" was at the door. We used the back door just in case I got out so I would not run into traffic. My human swiped her hand down in front of my nose like a karate chop and said "wait." Slowly she tried to open the door and as she did I tried to run out. She immediately closed the door and waited for me to calm down before she tried again. She tried this over and over until finally when she said "wait" and then opened the door I just sat there. She walked through the door first and then said "good boy" and told me to follow her. I did, and then got an awesome treat. Very cool I thought to myself. I figured I could wait as long as forever if I am gonna get the yummyness once I am done.

I overheard her say that wait keeps her from tripping over me because she goes through thr door first. However, lets be honest, if she is tripping over me when I run in the door, isn't that due to her two-legged clumsiness and not me?! Humans, they don't have enough legs to keep them balanced so if "wait" will help my person stay on her feet I will happily oblige. Pass it on.

CEO (Canine of Extraordiary Obedience)

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