Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Safety

Halloween is just around the corner. Thankfully, my person told me that she has no intention of dressing me up in a costume. But she is also making some safety considerations for the spooky season. Most people know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so make sure your candy stash is safely secured out of your pup's reach.

Did you also know that raisins can cause liver failure in dogs? That means that you should not pass along the dreaded box of raisins to your dog as treats. (Read the ASPCA Poison Control Alert for raisins and grapes)

As a part of's Pet 'Net Safety Event, Houston Pet Talk also provided some useful tips. One important one: constant doorbell ringing can be very stressful for dogs that get anxious/excited/territorial over visitors, so make sure you have a safe and quiet place for your pup while the trick or treaters are passing through. For more safety tips for halloween, also check out the Humane Society's resource page.

[Image courtesy of FailDogs]

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