Monday, October 19, 2009

Ending the clipper-crisis

I used to HATE having my toenails trimmed. I don't think that my person enjoyed it much either, as it usually turned into an all out wrestling match. She finally wised up and realized that I am not going to let her touch my feet if it always means that she is clipping. So, sometimes she touches my paws in a nice way. As for the clippers, I used to have anxiety just seeing them! But now, it means I get a special clipper-belly-rub! All these good things in exchange for holding still for a quick clip.

I am not alone here. The topic even popped up in a dog advice column in the UK, where they have tips for getting your puppy used to paw-touching from the beginning. You can play some games, touch paws in nice ways, and teach shake/high five to make paw touching a normal thing. For help learning shake/ high five, be sure to check out my earlier Training Tip Tuesday post on the topic.

[Image Courtesy of PhotoBucket]

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