Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Training Tip Tuesday: PRACTICE, sponsored by Anytime K9

Hello my fellow caninine companions. It's Riley with another tip for your human. Remember when you first came to live with your human at your new forever home? Remember how cool it was to have a new family and how they taught you all these cool tricks like "sit and stay"? Well, when is the last time you actually had to practice? You know the saying goes "if you don't use it, you lose it". My human practices these basic techniques with me everyday. But, we dont designate a time to practice, we practice in our everday lives! Let me give you an example. My human taught me "sit and stay" 35 years ago (dont think humans count like us but you get my drift). Now that I know "sit and stay" like the back of my paw, she asks me to "sit and stay" when she is whipping up some delicious morsels in my bowl or someone knocks on the door. We practice everyday just in more practical ways. I "sit and stay" at traffic lights when we are walking and definitely when my people are eating. This way I never forget. Pass the word.

CEO (Canine of Extrordinary Obedience)
Anytime K9 LLC

PS If you live in the DC or NYC area and are interested in training
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