Monday, September 28, 2009

Rescue Ink--BIG guys, on the side of pets

Don't mess with pets, or the guys from Rescue Ink may be knocking on your door. Rescue Ink is an animal rescue group composed of tattooed, tough looking, tough talking guys, some of which grew up in inner city environments where pets were not always treated so great. They also like to say that many of them got a second chance, and animals deserve at least that much. So, they look tough, but these guys have a soft underbellies and a big hearts when it comes to animals. They go into bad, sometimes dangerous, situations and take action on behalf of animals in need. Rescue Ink also works to advocate on behalf of animals, educate communities about animal abuse and neglect, and other activities that prevent abuse and neglect of pets like me.

These guys just released their own book, called Rescue Ink: How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs and Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck,and a Few Turtles. (Check it out at Barnes & Noble). But they didn't stop there--National Geographic heard about them and they have a new show starting this fall--Rescue Ink: Unleashed will air Fridays at 10pm this fall. Check out the great 4-minute promo:


  1. These guys do NOTHINNG! Watch the show and see. They coat tail on everyone. Thye have no business siphoning off donmations to real animal welfare orgs. They do NOTHING but pretend.

    1. I might give this comment some relevance if it wasn't submitted anonymously and also was literate.


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