Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Day Without Cats on the Internet

Big Dogs of the blogosphere have deemed today, 9.9.09, A Day Without Cats on the Internet. You know what they are talking about--the piano playing cat on youtube, the wild popularity of lolcats, and other crazy cat stuff in your inbox.

URLesque, the internet culture blog, has organized the effort that has been joined by dozens of other popular bloggers including my favorite dog-tainment website: I Has a Hot Dog. Other participants include Pawnation, Snuzzy, WhyAmILookingAtPicturesofYourCat, PetSugar, even NPR's MonkeySee is on board!

These bloggers are abstaining from all cat-related content for just one day to give the dog world a little breathing room. The DailyDogScoop already has a general no-cat policy, but we stand in solidarity with our other pet bloggers today!

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