Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Training Tip Tuesday, CRAWL, Sponsored by Anytime K9

Hello my fellow canine companions. It's Riley with another tip for your human. This week I learned this neat trick called "crawl" and it was so easy to learn. It was so easy that I thought about letting my human know that I was not really working for the treats, but then I came to my senses. What was I thinking! Free treats are one of life's simple pleasures.

Anyway, I learned how to "crawl" by doing a slight variation of what I already knew, "down." My human asked me for a down and I enthusiastically cooperated knowing that treats were close. Then while I was in a down position, she asked me to come. Well I hopped up to come but she said no and asked for a down again. I thought my human may need a nap because she is asking me for a come while I am down. Then it hit me, "you can do both!' I started to inch my way toward her treat hand which was low to the ground and close to my nose. Then as I moved forward she said "good boy" and gave me the treat. I just kept on inching my belly across the floor and eating those treats. As I got better she started to say "crawl" instead of "come." That's it! So many treats, so little work. Pass on the news.


CEO (Canine of Extraordiary Obedience)

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