Monday, September 21, 2009

Rescue overload

Do you ever feel like you might have taken on too much? It sounds like Dawn is getting to that point. She started out rescuing dogs 19 years ago, with 8-10 in her house at a time. She placed over 2,000 dogs that way. Then the recession hit and shelters were overflowing and neighbors were showing up to her house with puppies. Thats how she ended up with 37 dogs, 14 puppies and 17 cats.

That is too much for anyone, but like so many people that work in animal rescue, they don't feel like they can say no because lives are at stake. Dawn health is suffering so she has some tough decisions to make now, but she can't help the dogs if she doesn't take care of herself first.

Dawn's story was featured in the Washington Post's blog called Half a Tank, which collects photos and stories from people around the country who are affected by the recession in unique ways. It is worth checking out just for the great pictures of the pups she has taken in by Pullitzer Prize winning photographer Michael Williamson. Here are two of my favorites:


  1. This is a testament to animal lovers everywhere. "Lives are at stake" most people just think dogs/cats are "THINGS" not "LIVES". Dawn you are a true hero in my eyes and we need a million more just like you in this world! Hell, make it 2 million ;)

    Great work Dawn and my thoughts are with you and all of your furry people :)

    Jeremy- Fargo, ND

  2. Yeah! What Jeremy said goes for me too. You are a hero to those of us who love animals. I would take more if I didn't have a special needs dog at home. In later years I will take in more pets. Right now my world revolves around my special needs dog. She is a rescue dog too.

    Thanks for all you do and I will keep you in my prayers! Take care of yourself!


  3. She's a hero to me. The animals are being cared for when some people threw them out like garbage. I hope she can overcome her present health challenges to continue to be good to herself and the lives she forever changes.

  4. Hats off to Dawn! This situation is exactly why we're starting SaveThisPup! So people who care about pets, but can't adopt any more, can sponsor them and keep them alive at the rescue shelter or foster homes until they can be adopted. See

  5. Well said, Jeremy! If there were 2 million more people like Dawn, the world would be a lot better place.

    Amy - Winnebago


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