Saturday, September 26, 2009

Poop scooping is serious business

This human mom-to-be, 9 days overdue, was out walking her pup when the dog pooped (it happens). It was right in front of her house, so she was resting on the step for a minute before heading inside to get something to clean it up. Well, that was not good enough for the overzealous police officer who saw the pooping in action--and he ticketed her $250 for not picking up the poop immediately! Poop scooping laws are important for human and dog health and safety, but maybe this officer should have given the woman a break and let her go inside to get a bag.

We don't want to take any risks like that, so my person always carry's a roll of poop bags for when I do my business, and has extras on hand in case another dog owner gets stuck empty handed. I know the routine and step aside when she has to do her duty as a dog owner and pick it up. So make sure you do your part to keep the sidewalks clean! I don't want other folks giving us a bad name by leaving a smelly mess behind, but I do think that we can cut some slack for the overdue pregnant woman.

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  1. I agree. The officer should have let the gal go inside and get a bag. I've been caught without and will go to any length to find something to pick up the poop, including throw-away ads or takeout menus that happen to be lying around, sometimes actually in plastic bags!


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