Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Police dog donated from unlikely source

Rover, the top dog for the K9 unit for the police in Muncie, Indiana is about to retire. This will leave the local police without the skills unique to a valuable member of their team. But a trained police dog can cost $10,000, and that's a lot of money for the local police in this economy.

Ozzy Osborne to the rescue.....wait, WHAT?

Yes, the rocker notorious for once biting the head off a bat onstage, apparently loves dogs. He stepped in to purchase a new working dog for the police in Muncie. It was a family effort, brought about with a little encouragement from his son Jack Osborne, who has contacts with the Muncie Police Department after participating in the reality show Armed and Famous.

The $10,000 donation will cover the cost of the trained dog, but Muncie PD are working the private fundraising angle to pay for veterinary care, kibble, and other good stuff.

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