Friday, September 18, 2009

Andre's cross-country support team

Poor Andre got stuck in an animal trap up in Alaska! This guy was so determned to escape from the trap that he chewed of his two trapped paws. But the story has a happy ending! A woman found him on the trail and took him to Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue, who helped him heal and regain his strength.

Andre was still struggling to get around though, so Karen McKnaught of Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue connected Andre with OrthoPets in Denver. OrthoPets is fitting Andre with some new prosthetic legs! With the help of the woman that found him, Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue, OrthoPets, and the Denver Humane Society, Andre is a lucky guy to have all these people trying to make his life better. Here is the original article, and People Magazine has an update in this week's issue, but it is not available online.

Wags to my buddy Charlie for the tip!

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  1. What a fantastic story. Animals never cease to amaze me. We could learn a great deal from them if we'd only take the time to appreciate them more. Elaine (


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