Sunday, September 27, 2009

More poop-related news

Do you ever wish there was something useful to do with all that dog poop? Well, that idea struck the Tompkins County Dog Owners Group (TC DOG) in Ithaca, New York. These folks are partnering with Cayuga Compost to turn the poop from the dog park into usable compost to sell.

Some parks have onsite composting bins, and you can buy a small poop composter for your backyard. If that interests you, check out the Deluxe Doggie Dooley, which also has a helpful guide for do-it-yourself poop composting.

But TC DOG is trying to work out an environmentally friendly solution and actually SELL poop! There is no shortage of supply, according to the Associated Press, there are an "estimated 73 million pet dogs in the United States. The average dog produces about 274 pounds of waste a year, which means total dog waste in the U.S. is more than 20 billion pounds." TC DOG estimates they will be able to collect 1,000 pounds of poop a year. Good luck getting the poop, and the business, off the ground!

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