Monday, August 10, 2009

You want me on the helicopter? No way!

Gipsy was out hiking with her person when he sprained his ankle. To make things worse they were on a precarious ridge, and the weather was getting ugly. That might have been the scariest part for him, but Gipsy was the one who got scared when help arrived. When the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue’s helicopter arrived, it sounds like Gipsy was pretty spooked. Her person was put in the rescue basket, and they tried to put Gipsy in the attached bag--but she did not like that idea so much. Her person did not want to leave her below, so they waited until got some ropes to harness her into the basket. Even that didn't go so well at first, but they managed to get her tied up and get her to safety. Poor girl was just scared of the helecopter, but it sounds like she was one happy pup once it was all over.

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