Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Popeye the Dog

Popeye is an extra special two legged pooch
with an amazing spirit. He has plenty of fun
on his two legs and makes wheelchairs look
fun too! He runs around and plays just like any
other member of the pack. Plus he just seems like
a happy little guy!

Can you believe he doesn't have a forever home? Go
to his website if you are interested in adopting him,
or if you just want to see more pictures and read about
his whole story.

Watch the video (My person told me to warn you that
you might get teary eyed):

UPDATE: Video is loading slowly for some people...if you
are having trouble, try watching it here.


  1. Popeye can really move when has those wheels on!! & he is really into everything and doesn't to be left out!!


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