Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top 10 dog-safe cars

Kelly Blue Book has teamed up with Bark Buckle Up
to rate the top 10 safest cars for dogs. They looked
for things like A/C in the rear, D-rings to tether pups
and crates, and side air bags. Back up cameras also
prevent dogs from being run over when you are in reverse.
Kia Borrego and Subaru Tribeca topped the list, but there
are 8 more to choose from. So, if you are considering taking
advantage of the cash for clunkers program, be sure to pick
a new ride that is safe for your dog too!

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  1. I run a grooming and boarding house, and I have been considering fleet leasing, so I have been wanting to get information about dog safe cars. This video is perfect. Thank you for sharing.


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