Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remembering the dogs of Katrina

Over 15,000 dogs were rescued after Hurricane Katrina
hit New Orleans 4 years ago. Only 3,000 have been reuinted
with their original owners. Almost all of the rest were placed
with new families, but for some, their original pack is still
looking for them and fighting to get them back. This struggle
has been profiled in a new documentary, "Mine."

There isn't really a bad guy here--the folk that left their dogs
behind did what they had to do to save their lives. At the time,
the rescue efforts would not allow people to bring their pets.
I am sure most of these folks consider it one of the most worst
things they had to do throughout this tragedy.
The people that rescued the dogs thought that they lost their
original pack for good, and wanted to give the dogs a new life.

It is a difficult and sad situation for the humans involved, but the
hidden blessing is that these dogs have lots of people that love them.

I have posted the trailer for the documentary, "Mine" but I will
warn you it is very sad. You can also read the MSNBC article about the

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  1. I rented a documentary on the dogs of Hurricane Katrina from the library. It was really sad to watch but it goes to show how people pulled together for each other and for their pets or other pets!!!


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