Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What being best buds is all about

Dogs sure know how to help each other out. Bonnie and Clyde are best buds, but their relationship is extra special. Clyde is blind, and very shy and anxious on his own. When Bonnie is with him, he has a lot more confidence and you might not even know he was blind!

They are currently at the Meadowgreen Rescue Centre in England, and looking for a home. The nice people at Meadowgreen will only put them in a home where they can be together--the way it should be.

The picture I have of them isn't great, so Click here for a great video of Bonnie and Clyde from BBC news.

UPDATE: Bonnie and Clyde have been adopted! They were placed together in a country home that has other rescue dogs for them to hang with.

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