Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Training Tip Tuesday: FOCUS, Sponsored by Anytime K9

Hello my fellow canines. It's Riley with another tip for your human. I just learned this cool new trick called "focus." It was so easy to learn and the treats were awesome. All my human did was take a piece of yummy deliciousness and put it close to my nose. Once I smelled it I was hooked. Then she raised the tasty morsel to her eye. I looked at that treat the whole way. She said "focus" as she did it and I just kept on staring. Well, I thought, "you can't get any easier than that, follow the treat, get the treat, simple." Little did I know there was a little more involved because the next time we tried this game she took the treat from my nose out to the side of her head. She said "focus". Well of course I did not let the treat out of my sight but for some reason she didn't give it to me. So I stared harder and harder at the scrumptious bit but that did not work either. Finally I looked her right in the eye to make sure she was paying attention, and she said "good boy" and gave me the treat. Well, you can imagine my surprise. As it turns out, I get the food when I look at her, Not when I look at the treat. Go figure. Pass the news around.

CEO (Canine of Extraordinary Obedience.
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