Monday, August 3, 2009

Man-dog athletic teams

This man-dog duo is competing in the Doggy Dash, a portion of the NYC Triathlon. Spencer, an energetic coonhound, was in a shelter for 7 months before being adopted by Oliver Rajic. Since adopting Spencer, Oliver has lost 20 pounds thanks to his regular runs with Spencer.

The Doggy Dash, sponsored by Iams, is a 5 mile course where human-dog teams run tandem. All dogs are checked by veterinary staff beforehand to make sure they are healthy enough to run. But I am sure Spencer is just fine, because they train 4 days a week!

Read more about the other Doggy Dash competitors--including pictures of them all!

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  1. lucky Oliver FOUND a dog, LOST 20 lbs, maybe e even FOUND a girlfriend!!


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