Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dog licks cure brain aneurysm (sort of)

Sometimes dogs just "know" when something is wrong. Take the case of hospice nurse Mary Phillips. She had a terrible headache and was lying on the floor in her office. She resisted pleas from coworkers wanting her to get checked at a hospital. When a coworker's dog, Jacqee-Pierre, made her way to the office, she started licking Mary's temple and acting nervously.

Being in hospice care, she knew that sometimes dogs and cats do things like this when something is terribly wrong, almost predicting death. Mary decided to go to the hospital, and it turned out that she had a walnut sized brain aneurysm. Yikes!

After two months, Mary is back at work. She wasn't a dog person before, but it sounds like she is a convert, and she now welcome's Jacquee-Pierre's visits to her office.

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  1. This reminds me of the book The Art of Racing in the Rain. A brilliant book that is especially brilliant if you are a dog lover.


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