Friday, April 9, 2010

The travels of Antigone & the Companion

When Marshall Lee hit rock bottom in his life, he was lucky that his rescued basset hound Antigone was there to help him through it all.  After losing his job and becoming depressed, Marshall even considered suicide.  But the thought of leaving Antigone behind with no one to care for her was enough to pull him through it.

By chance, Marshall was given a bike and decided to go on an unusual journey.  He decided to bike from Chicago to San Francisco with his loyal basset right behind him in a baby carrier. Along the way, he made it his mission to raise awareness about two things close to his heart: suicide prevention and basset rescue. They arrived safely in San Francisco, and decided to stay out west.  They have since found a place to live in Puget Sound, Oregon.

Along the way, Antigone started blogging about the journey.  A blogging dog, just like me!  She refers to Marshall as "the Companion" and he is also her typist.  She spends her time testing the sofas at all the places they stay.  In one of her many sofa related posts, she passes on this wisdom:
"I like the feel of the sofa. I can lay around on it for hours. Sometimes I lay on the floor just to remind me how much I love that sofa. I've always been a fan of a sofa. Even bad sofas are likable. The companion is always worried about where we are going to live and a job. I don't care where we live really. As long as there is a sofa. A sofa must be in the top ten, top three things in everyone's life."

Her blog is really a great story of their wonderful journey together.  Now she is even working on her own autobiography, "Antigone Goes West: The Autobiography of Antigone Puppleupagus."I will look forward to reading it!

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  1. Thank you! For telling your readers about the companion and me. We were both touched. My motto for the journey and for life really is: Basset rescue is human rescue! But let's change that to "Animal rescue is human rescue!"

    I feel like a star!