Monday, April 26, 2010

Can dogs communicate with whales?

Some scientists think that whales and dogs may be able to communicate with each other.  Even though the dog in this video is barking at the whale, the whale becomes submissive, even a little playful, showing its belly.  That is a brave dog to get so close to a killer whale! According to Discovery News, this phenomenon is not unheard of.

Carrie Newell runs a whale excursion company in Oregon, and her dog Kida loves to go along for the ride.  She told Jennifer Viegas of Discovery News that "other researchers have told me that people with dogs have better whale encounters possibly because of some connection between the two. I have also observed that if I am excited and clap or call to them, then the whales feed off this excitement and approach closer." Once Kida nearly jumped into the water becuase she was so excited to "play" with her new buddy, a gray whale.  Luckily, Carrie managed to grab Kida by the tail before she went plunging into the sea!

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