Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogging with purpose

I just returned from the first ever social media conference for pet lovers: BlogPaws.  While there I was able to network and learn from over 200 like-minded web folks.  The amazing part is how dedicated the community is to promoting the welfare of dogs and cats in need.  Check out this inspiring video that some of the conference attendees put together to show how blogging, twittering, facebooking and everything else on the web is being used to help pets.  Kudos for the creative use of Glee's version of "Don't stop believin'"!!

A BIG wag to these pet media mavens for putting together this awesome video:
Frugaldougal's PawParty TeamYourDailyCute

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  1. I tear up every time I watch this -- and it's like the 10th time already!

    Super great to meet you at BlogPaws. I had such a blast!

  2. Love love love that video. So glad they decided to show it to the whole group.

    Great to meet you at BlogPaws. Of all the biz cards I have, yours is by far the most memorable. The cutout is such a good idea. And thanks again for the carpet cleaner, I used it yesterday, believe it or not! haha

    Stay in touch and let me know if you'd ever like to be a guest blogger for Embrace.

    Twitter: @EmbracePetIns

  3. @youdailycute--I think I have only watched it 7 times ;)

    @Kate--glad the foam was put to good use and thanks for the kudos on the business cards!

  4. Woofy Woo! Stopping by from Pet Blogger Support! You have a great blog! I don't think we had the pleasure of meeting at Blog Paws. So Many people and so little time! Have a great day!